Development workflow made easy.


Stop using dozens of terminal windows, start using devmon

Single Popup To Control Everything

Control all of your project processes, using a single easy-to-use Popup Application

No Coding Required

Easly setup the project with a dedicated user interface

Save Time

Save time context-switching between your project, and start your project with a single click

Manage Your Projects

Tired of context switching between your projects?

Context Switching between your projects has never been easier with devmon, just use the Open button, and you’re up and running

Manage Your Processes

Having a lot of processes to manage?

We’ve got you covered. With devmon you can visualize and manage all your processes. easily.

Integrate Your Existing Projects

Already using a process invoker like grunt/npm/yarn?
Manage all your processes with a delightful UI that will just make sense.

Get Started With Presets

We’ve Made Presets to make your life easier
Get started FAST using predefined presets, that will match most use-cases of your projects


Stop using dozens of terminal windows, start using devmon

Stop The Terminal Clutter.
Use devmon.

Every time you boot up your project, you end up with endless terminal windows
Using devmon just makes more sense. you can manage those terminal windows in a small application that will manage them for you

Choose your plan


  • Maximum 4 Processes
  • Maximum 3 Projects
  • Limited Customer Service


$ 19 Month
  • Unlimited Processes
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Full Customer Service

Stop Using Terminal
Use devmon

Automate all your projects process managment with devmon